We identify risks and exploit opportunities.

In the field of auditing, we do far more than simply ensure the formal and factual correctness of annual financial statements and supplementary disclosures. We support you in complying with legal requirements, identify opportunities for balance sheet policy and find valuable starting points for the sustainable further development of your company. In addition to traditional auditing, we support you with customized solutions in the disciplines of business valuation, restructuring and business succession, due diligence, special audits, and accounting- and business management-oriented management consulting. In doing so, we always keep the expectations and requirements of our clients in mind and support you proactively so that you can achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

We are your partner in the field of auditing.


One of our main tasks in the field of auditing is to conduct statutory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements. Due to our business process-oriented audit approach, we always keep an eye on the complete value chain of your company. Our structured approach and many years of experience ensure that our audits are results-oriented and cost-effective while maintaining the highest standards of quality. This applies both to financial statements prepared in accordance with German commercial law (HGB) and to financial statements prepared in accordance with internationally recognized accounting principles (IFRS).

Company valuations.

The reasons for company valuations can be manifold. Examples include the purchase or sale of companies or parts of companies, changes in the shareholder structure or valuation reports for the purpose of inheritance and gift tax valuation. As auditors, we act as neutral experts, consultants or arbitrators/intermediaries, depending on the reason for the valuation.

The execution of a company valuation requires professional know-how and relevant experience. Due to the interdisciplinary composition of our valuation teams, we can guarantee both prerequisites and provide a comprehensible valuation up to the reporting stage.

Due Diligence.

Company expansions through acquisitions or entering into cooperations have long since ceased to be an isolated case in medium-sized companies and are part of worldwide globalization. Due to the interdisciplinary composition of our consulting teams, we are able to support our clients in particular in the analysis of the asset, financial and earnings situation, the cash flows as well as the evaluation of tax and legal risks. In doing so, we develop a sound basis for decision-making and show our clients the opportunities and risks of the transaction.

Special audits.

Special audits are usually reserved tasks for auditors. They mainly include formation audits, special audits under stock corporation law, transformation and merger audits, IT system audits and audits in accordance with the German Real Estate Brokers and Developers Ordinance (MaBV). Particularly in the case of special audits, extensive knowledge of the respective industry and the legal form is indispensable. Through our professionals, we guarantee you a targeted and high-quality audit execution and reporting.


Central contact person in auditing.

Michael Mergler

His main areas of activity are auditing activities, consulting and support for restructuring, corporate transactions as well as corporate succession.