Tax Consulting

We take care of your taxes.

The preparation of tax returns and annual financial statements, as well as representation vis-à-vis tax authorities, especially in the context of external audits or appeal proceedings, are core tasks that you expect from an experienced tax advisor. On the other hand, creative and planning advice for the tax optimization of your decisions is part of what you want from your tax advisor. We consistently pursue this creative consulting approach in all our areas.
Tax consulting

We take care of your taxes.

Tax consulting.


Tax issues in the entrepreneurial field are manifold. We advise you across all sectors in all matters, regardless of whether you run your business as a trader or freelancer, in the form of a corporation or partnership, integrated into a group of companies or a group of companies regionally, nationally or internationally. In strategic structuring consulting, we support you in all questions concerning the structuring or restructuring of your company. This does not only apply to classic consulting occasions such as the foundation of a company, the purchase and sale of a company, a change of shareholders or the succession of a company. In particular, changes in tax and economic conditions may also require restructuring. We regularly check whether the structure of your company is aligned in a tax-optimal way, regardless of whether it is a start-up or an established company.

Real estate owners

Whether you want to buy or sell real estate, rent it out, give it away or bequeath it, dealing with real estate raises numerous tax issues due to the complex legal situation. We advise you on potential tax savings and point out possible stumbling blocks. Particularly in the case of commercially used real estate, considerable tax risks can arise in the case of restructuring or business succession. We identify problem areas and find the optimal solution for you.

Capital investors

In the field of capital investment, we develop strategies for the tax-optimized distribution of income and present you with options for utilizing losses. In addition, we support you with our know-how in investments in the form of participations. Here, the spectrum ranges from participatory loans and silent partnerships to complex investment structures. In the case of omitted declaration of investment income, we ensure careful processing of the history and a secure subsequent declaration.

Wage and salary earners

As an employee, you don't want to let any tax-saving opportunity go to waste. We ensure that all tax-deductible expenses are systematically checked and taken into account, taking into account your individual circumstances. In order to reduce the current monthly tax burden at an early stage, we take care of the consideration of tax allowances when deducting income tax. In addition, you will receive suggestions from us on how to optimize your remuneration in terms of wage tax and social insurance law during salary negotiations.

Preparation of annual financial statements.

The preparation of annual financial statements offers enormous design possibilities due to the separation of commercial and tax balance sheets. While in surplus calculations and tax balance sheets (special and supplementary balance sheets, transformation and liquidation balance sheets) the focus is on the tax-optimized exercise of options in order to minimize the tax burden, in the preparation of commercial balance sheets we make use of all available leeway in order to be able to present the potential of your company in the best possible way - for example to investors or banks.

Financial accounting.

Conscientiously managed financial accounting forms the basis for a meaningful analysis of figures. Our evaluations provide you with a precise overview of your company's earnings, financial and asset situation at an early stage. In order to minimize risks, we promptly point out problematic tax areas. The regular review of advance payments also ensures that you are not surprised by unforeseen tax payments.

Payroll accounting.

In payroll accounting, our specialists take care of legally compliant accounting as well as payroll tax and social security notifications. In addition, we provide practical answers to all payroll tax and social security questions, e.g. on the use of vehicles, travel expense reports or benefits in kind. Insofar as wage tax and social security optimizations are possible or become necessary due to changes in the law or changed framework conditions, we point these out promptly. In this way, any necessary adjustments can be implemented immediately.

Restructuring consulting.

Increasing cost pressure and growing competition are often cited as the main arguments for restructuring. But the field of application for restructuring is much broader. In particular, the reduction of liability risks, the safeguarding of assets by separating business and private assets as well as the optimized preparation of company succession are also worth mentioning. Often, companies find themselves under time pressure to act, and the only option left is to react. Our consulting approach therefore starts much earlier. Only those who understand their clients' business model and familiarize themselves intensively with the entrepreneurial processes and goals can provide comprehensive and active advice and thus contribute to sustainable business success all the way to company succession. This also includes the continuous and self-critical questioning of the chosen strategy.

Involvement in mergers & acquisitions projects.

This familiarity with the entrepreneurial processes and goals as well as the knowledge of our clients' existing structures also qualifies us as a suitable partner when it comes to purchase or sale transactions in the corporate environment.

Due to the interdisciplinary composition of our consulting teams, we are always in a position to develop individual concepts for restructuring and corporate succession for our clients and to fully supervise their implementation.

Management Consulting.

Business consulting is closely linked to tax consulting, the preparation of financial statements and accounting. Thus, tax optimizations must also lead to economically reasonable results. In the course of preparing financial statements and, in particular, ongoing accounting, questions regularly arise about profitability, liquidity or the cost structure, which we will be happy to answer on the basis of evaluations and analyses. The basis for this is always a meaningful financial accounting. Together with you, we develop individualized evaluation tools to manage and control your company.
In addition, we support you in the preparation of business plans, budget figures, investment calculations and in the preparation and joint execution of financing discussions.

Digitalization consulting.

For us, digitization is much more than just a buzzword that every consulting company should list on its homepage.  Every company is unique and requires a comprehensive and goal-oriented analysis in order to ultimately implement digital processes that are appropriate to the situation and complexity while ensuring the highest possible data security. We focus primarily on digitalization consulting with the industry software DATEV. Whether it is a matter of cloud solutions, encrypted communication, the use and/or programming of interfaces to upstream systems or simply the reduction of duplicate activities within the IT systems used - we are always actively at your side as a competent partner with our own IT specialists, who can demonstrate many years of experience in these areas. Through existing cooperations, we also have access to further IT specialists, from programming to hardware procurement, in order to be able to offer you a complete digitization package.

Central contact persons in the field of tax consulting.

Joachim Kröner

His main areas of activity are tax structuring advice, advice and support for restructuring, corporate transactions and corporate succession.

Michael Mergler

His activities focus on auditing, consulting and support for restructuring, corporate transactions and corporate succession.

Ralf Beich

His main areas of expertise are tax structuring, consulting and support of restructurings as well as international tax law.

Stagnation means regression.

We critically question our working methods, think in terms of processes and have the ambition to work together with our clients as efficiently and purposefully as possible. In order to achieve our ambition, we use innovative applications and tools that reduce administrative efforts and thus create more freedom for the really important issues - the further development of your business operations.
Digital financial accounting
Digital payroll accounting
Digital income tax return
Digital annual financial statements

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